sorry sorry sorry for the lack of posting, but since the holiday is over we are so busy with school and stuff. we only have half a year right now and we (especially char) have to get better grades!
but let's put that aside! yesterday i finally turned 15! it was a wonderful day, especially the weather, it even felt like spring! so a great oppertunity to shoot some pictures, wich we'll show you later when
we have some more time. i also got a lot of nice presents :)
here's a quick photo of brie!

x char

5 opmerkingen:

  1. ah gefeliciteeeerd! :) (wie feliciteer ik nou eigenlijk, brie of char?) ben benieuwd naar de foto's en die cijfers komen wel goed hoor! ;). liefs.

  2. love this! you guys are amazing
    and those shoes are too..
    i've got a new post up if your interested xx
    p.s i've missed your posts!

  3. Hele mooie grote foto´s en Prachtige rok/jurk!

  4. wow, you blog is amazing! you two are so pretty and have such a great sense of style. I really like your blog and your photos. :) <3