new shoes, new piercing


yesterday i finally got some new wedges! i really needed them! almost every day i walked on my old pair, because i don't like my other shoes so much... and i know my feet are big as you see. :( 
yesterday we also got a piercing in the cartilage! first we would go on friday, but we forgot our id's (stupid us!), so we went yesterday. it was very painfull (my opinion), but brie did not, haha. pictures will come soon! 

x char 

wedges - humanoid 

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  1. auw! bloemkool in je oor. like the wedges!x

  2. i got my cartilage pierced.. for me it hurt quite a bit.. but i love it! :)

  3. ik had hem laten schieten. ik denk eigenlijk dat prikken beter is, maar dat komt waarschijnlijk omdat ik het zelf heb verziekt na het schieten :P

  4. pretty fantastic wedges!
    thanks for the lovely comment!